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Friends of the Kirkbride tour Dec. 29th, 2006 - moongoddess1968
Friends of the Kirkbride tour Dec. 29th, 2006
Enjoyed the Friends of the Kirkbride tour today. I was a little disappointed that we couldn't see more of the building, but, of course, that would take far longer than the alloted two hours.

There is so much more to see of this building. Areas of particular interest to me are the more remote areas...the 3rd and 4th floor areas are especially decrepit and infinitely more interesting.

I'm glad I brought my kids. Derek was getting a little bored towards the end, but, overall, they are glad they went.

I added some more pics today. I'll continue to add pics as time goes along until I no longer work in this building.

It was good to meet my online acquaintance...very cool. I hope she got that picture she was looking for!

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